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REAL Answers...

People are searching for answers to life’s toughest questions.

Why do wars, terrorism and other tragedies keep happening? When will there finally be peace?

Where can I find happiness and contentment?

Does God care when I am hurting?

You will be amazed at how Bible prophecies unlock positive, hope-filled answers to these questions. Night after night, messages straight from the Bible will open before you a bright and hopeful future.


Cooranbong Community
Center, 614 Freemans Drive,
Cooranbong NSW 2265

Free Seminar includes:

  • Free Bible
  • Free Health Talks
  • Free Kid’s Club
  • Free Live Music
  • Free Food
  • Free Parking

This program runs for the 1st 4 weekends of September, and covers topics such as Mark of the Beast, America in Prophecy, Armageddon, and more!


The Bible alone will be our textbook

Metal Man - Daniel 2

Beasts - Daniel 7

Dragons - Revelation 12

Antichrist and 666 - Revelation 13

2nd Coming - Revelation 19


Session 1
Saturday, Sept 1, 5pm
Good God, Bad World - Why so much pain and suffering in this world?

The heartache of this world leads many to question does God really care about the pain I am going through? Where does it come from and why is it here? In this session, you will learn the eye-opening truth about the origin of evil and who is behind this mess.

Session 2
Saturday, Sept 1, 7pm
Hope Amidst Chaos - What does the future hold?

An ancient prophecy still stands unchallenged regarding its perfect historical accuracy. Atheists stand silent before this incontrovertible evidence of the Bible’s veracity. The prophecy also gives the only solution to this world’s chaos. Come and hear!

Session 3
Sunday, Sept 2, 5pm
Rescue Mission - Where will you spend eternity?

Prophecy points to a climactic event of catastrophic proportions - the coming of a Man that will forever change the world. How will it happen, and how can we be ready for this awesome, earth-shattering event?

Session 4
Sunday, Sept 2, 7pm
The Battle of the Ages - What’s behind the rising crime and violence in this world?

Why is this world in the mess that it is and why do we see it headed the way it is going? Revelation points out the greatest battle ever fought in this universe, and the startling reminder to us that this battle is not yet over.

Program Schedule includes:

  • 2 lectures at 5pm & 7pm

  • Free dinner at 6pm

  • Short health talks at 6:45pm that explore scientifically proven lifestyle strategies to optimse body, mind and spirit

Future Sessions Will Be Announced


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